Cast Bio's

Faustus McGreeves - Show Runner/Writer/Director/Producer/Edit/Color/Post/Rob

Faustus is the founder of SkullDuggery Theatre Films.  In addition to Stuck, he teamed up with Aaron Gum (AG Pictures) on the horror Endor which he wrote and co-directed.  His other writer/director credits include Garage Sale and Now Serving.  He has acted in No Clean Finish (Slate Entertainment) Stab (Cheerknob Productions) Midnight Kiss (AG Pictures) and Lucky (Ten/Four Pictures.)

Chelsea Wagoner - Lisa

Chelsea Wagoner is  a comedian/improviser with Backline Comedy Club.   

Darrick Silkman - Neal

 Darrick originally played Neal in the sketch, "The Penis Dialogues" that inspired the web-series.  His other film credits include Dr. Farrell in Stab and Stab 2 (CheerKnob Productions), Owen Matthews in Endor (AG Pictures and SkullDuggery Theatre Films), Adam in Midnight Kiss (AG Pictures), Nick Collins in Inselberg Effect, Ben in Tiny House Terror and The Comic in The Headliner, all three directed by Tony Bonacci.  

Andrea Erickson - Ariel

 Andrea had a cameo in AG Pictures/SkullDuggery Theatre FIlms horror feature Endor.  Other credits include  Kiss-a-Fella and Corrupter both directed by Dorothy Booream.  Additionally she has had roles in Ambush Avenue, Stab 2, Duval's Gift,  and “Ghost Hunter” written by Lisa Kovanda, produced by Midnight Fright Films.  

Shaun Greene - Wes

Shaun has appeared in Stab and Stab 2. (Cheerknob Productions)  He was a member of Faustus McGreeves' sketch comedy troupe Skull Skeches and he also performs his own stand up comedy.

Walter Shatley - Liam

Walter recently appeared in the horror film Endor also from AG Pictures/SkullDuggery Theatre Films.  His other film credits include Backwash (Cask Conditioned Films) and Making Arrangements (9-10 Productions.)

Eric Grant-Leanna - Matt

Ryan Eberhart - Jeremy

LeAnn Anderson - Lucy

Season 2

Jeff Hoover - Finn

Eric Lawson - Simon

Brandi Smith - Paige

Emma Johnson - Becca

Billy St. John - Howard

Richard Stripling Jr. - Clive

Oliver Grzeskowiak - Desmond

Oliver is just starting his film career.  He was very professional on set.  It helped that his dad was one of the cinematographers.

Melissa Jarecke -Audrey

Katie Otten - Lacey

Stephanie Finklea - Dawn

Kayla Moore -Roxy

Leah Cardenas - Amber

Crew Bio's

Aaron Gum - Director (Season 1) Cinematographer (Season 1 & 2)

 Aaron is the founder of AG Pictures.  He co-directed with Faustus (SkullDuggery Theatre Films)  as well as the cinematography for the horror film Endor. He has also helmed the films  Midnight Kiss and The Tooth Goblin.  He was the cinematographer of the film Femme Ed Uomo and has directed music videos for a range of artists.   

Otto Gaiser - Cinematographer (Season 2)

Daniel Grzeskowiak - Cinematographer (Season 2)

Jeremy Wade Rodman - Sound Recording (Season 2)

Cadet Fowler - Grip, Assistant Production Manager (Season 2)

Jacob Phillip Anderson - Production Manager (Season 2)

Rachel Slaerno - Hair /Makeup (Season 2)

Leslie Little - Hair/Makeup (Season 2)

Dean Traux - Fight Choreographer (Season 2)

Melissa Linn - Production Manager (Season 1)

Leslie McCarty - Production Manager 2nd Unit (Season 2)

Alexander Hamilton - Sound Correction (Season 1 & 2)