"The beauty of this (show) is it's gritty and real nature. The cast burst with life and deliver some excellent performances. I couldn't help but to keep comparing Neal (Darrick Silkman) to a younger John Noble.  I felt for these characters. A tribute not only to the actors themselves, but also the director. If you're looking for some powerful performances and a script that feels real, here it is."

 "Director Aaron Gum and screenwriter Faustus McGreeves keep a heavy focus on character development as opposed to major plot points and crises. McGreeves and Chelsea Wagoner  have a natural chemistry that makes it easy to believe them as a couple in matrimonial trouble. They obviously care for one another."  

Comedy Insider

  "An interesting look at Midwestern suburban life done effectively from Director Aaron Gum. Very promising and admirable.  Looking forward to more." 

Greg The Movie Guy

  "The storyline is absolutely incredible. I found myself almost immediately sucked into the lives of Rob and Neal and most definitely rooting for Neal to change his situation.  I was truly impressed. The show and talent speaks for itself in each scene setup, camera shot, and musical background. The delivery from camera to screen was honestly what blew me away the most."  

Gary Vincent

  "The acting dynamic between Rob and Neal (McGreeves and Silkman) is really good. Strong acting and believable drama.  Equal parts drama and great story telling at its core.  It is well written, well shot and well acted.   If you are a fan of solid stories and are looking for something a little bit off the beaten path, this (show) won’t let you down." 

Matt Thomas

 "Cold Feet meets Kevin Smith.  Chelsea Wagoner and Faustus McGreeves in particular stood out for me. Their relationship was nuanced and believable.  The edit is sharp, the soundtrack really enjoyable, and you are left wanting to spend more time with the characters."